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 • Publishers are each responsible for their own individual adsheets and no other. The webmaster is responsible for his own adsheets and no other.


Our offer is simple, short and sweet. You promote the site in your adsheet masthead (see samples) and publish our 2" camera ready ad in each issue you want promoted on this site.

Each publisher will be given a "home-Page", with it's own unique URL (web address) where issues are linked from. As many as twelve (12) issues can be linked at any give time. When issue link #13 comes in, issue link #1 will be deleted.

As many different titles as you want can be added to your home page - 12 issues each.

Note. Do not send several past issues to start, send only the latest (with our ad) - and that triggers your home page and issue count.

Each home-page will be linked from the main adsheet directory by publisher's name.

Publishers should not use this directory as the main source of distribution. Mail order print media should be the prime marketing circulation.

No online adsheets accepted. Each adsheet must be sent to us black and white on paper. One or two sides. If two sides, both sides must be small space ads only (no full circular ad) and our 2" ads go both sides.

Adsheet mastheads must give the adsheet title, circulation, ad fees and postal address of publisher. ~PLUS~ a reference to our site, such as:

"5,000 Print Media Circulation and 55,000 monthly online circulation at: www.AdSheet.biz/313K"

"CIRCULATION INCLUDES 55,000 OnLine Monthly distribution at: www.AdSheet.biz/313K"

"This and past issues can be seen at: www.AdSheet.biz/313K"

"Also see your ad at www.AdSheet.biz/313K"

( The 313K would be replaced with YOUR first three zip code numbers and LAST name initial ~ that becomes your homepage web address. Do the URL ONLY as we describe, do not try to get fancy or make changes... use UPPER CASE letter for your last name initial. )

Above are samples only and you can word it any way you want as long as the website URL is shown as described.

QUESTIONS? Contact us: Support ~


To get started, send for our 2" camera ready ads (inlcude a copy of your AdSheet latest issue for our review), Include a #10 business size self-addressed stamped envelope when sending for our 2" ads. ~~ Then, with your masthead entry correctly placed and our 2" deep, single column ad in place, send a camera-ready copy of your prepared adsheet and it will be placed online. For any issue you want a checking copy of your homepage back in the mail, include a #10 self-addressed stamped envelope when you send your adsheet.

If you have a serious problem adjusting your masthead wording... send a copy of your masthead and we will rearrange slightly and typeset the online wording in for you. TELL US WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY IN THE MASTHEAD about the online service. Include a #10 business size self-addressed stamped envelope when sending for your corrected masthead copies.

You will be sent several copies of your modified masthead to use for your future issues.

This free masthead service applies to ONE title only. If you have several adsheet titles, add $5 for each title after the first one.

IF YOU DO NOT WANT OUR 2" AD on your adsheet... the masthead must be modified as described and we will send you a sheet of ½", single column ads that must be included in each issue, each side printed — fee is only $6 CASH per issue , per side printed and the adsheet remains up through twelve issues as explained previously.

11x17 adsheets consists of four 1-side 8½x11 printed areas and are to be priced in as such.

Postal Mailing Address:

Action Team Network
Attn: Adsheets
P.O. Box 340
Guyton, GA 31312-0340
DO NOT write "DO NOT BEND OR FOLD" on front of envelope!!
It only delays your mail and so delays your order. No one will deliberately fold/crease your mail ~ and if they were going to... a few words on the envelope would not stop it.